12 Amazing Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Brittle Hair

By | August 30, 2016

Brittle hairs are the hairs that are dry or fizzy or it can be break easily when you comb or brush . There are lots of products that help you to get long and shiny hair but you are not aware that shiny and longer hair stays only for a short period of time. So, Instead of using market branded products, you can  use some amazing natural ways to strengthen your brittle hair without having any side effects. So, here we like to share a few natural ways to strengthen your brittle hair.


Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Brittle Hair

12 Amazing natural ways to strengthen your brittle hair:

1. Selection of Shampoo: Shampoo which you are using either it is of expensive or cheaper brand but you need to remember that it must be chemical free. Shampoos having chemical can make your hair more brittle which in turn leads to damage of hair. Choose a shampoo that must nourish your hair and provides your hair shine until your next wash. It must eliminates dandruff from your hair. You can use shampoo that does not contain Laurel Sulphates.
2. Dry your hair naturally: Do you really think that dryer is the best option when your hairs are wet? So i would like to inform you that it can make your hair weak. Instead of drying your hair, use a soft smooth towel gently to your hair. Leaving your hair to dry naturally.
3. Avoid Colouring: Colouring your hair might cause change in the colour of hair, or it may lead to dandruff in the hair. You must avoid colouring to your hair.
4. Wash your hair twice a week: There is no  need to wash your hair daily , wash it either on alternate days or twice times in a week.
5. Clean your hair tools daily: Your combs and hair brushes must not contain any kind of dust. If you want to prevent hair falling then it is recommended by experts that you should use wide toothed combs.
6. Don’t comb or brush your wet hair: After getting your hair washed , it is a tendency that hair may fall if you brush or comb your hair. Suppose, if you use comb instantly then it is a possibility that hair get stretched while combing that further causes to hair fall.
7. Eat iron rich foods like spinach: Rich foods that contains iron specially spinach, leafy vegetables must be in taken so as to make your hair look shiny. Irony rich foods contains VitaminC . If you want that iron should remain in your body then start taking VitaminC along with it.
8. Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday: You need to drink 8-10 glasses of water to hydrate your body. By doing this, it will make your hair more elastic and much stronger.
9. Avoid heating: If you want a gorgeous curl in your hair then you must avoid heating. For curls, you not need to take the help of products like straightener, dryer or any curler. Instead of using all this, you can use proper hair oil that contains vitamins and minerals.
10. Softly comb your hair: While giving style to your hair, no need to pull your hair so hard that it may lead to fall. Gently, comb your hair. For long heavy hairs,there is no need to buy expensive conditioners or shampoos, or getting your hair spa daily. Let your hair dry properly and then comb it.
11. Get your haircut: Many woman get their haircut because  they are tired of having long hairs.  Remember, hair is a part of your beauty. You can get your hair trimmed up to some inches to maintain proper growth of hair.
12. Oil your hai: Oiling with almond oil , coconut oil can be helpful in repairing your broken hair. Oils act as lubricants as well as conditioner. Overall, nourishing your hair properly and not letting them dry.

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