10 Amazing Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

By | January 24, 2017

Alcohol is commonly considered as a drinking beverage of adults. When we talk about alcohol casually, the image of whiskey or rum  came in your mind. Most of you don’t know the facts of drinking alcohol, it has some other benefits. There are many uses of rubbing alcohol which can surprise you. By knowing about them, you can use it more than just a drinking beverage. Uses of rubbing alcohol came in to existence since a long time. But due to lack of connectivity platform, most of you are unknown to it. Here we are bringing knowledge on your screen without wasting your precious time. You will find the uses of alcohol on this platform that are very helpful in daily life. These facts may surprise you.

10 Amazing Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

The various uses of rubbing alcohol are as follows:-

1. Steriliser

Rubbing alcohol acts as a steriliser on cuts and wounds, which prevents you from various infections.

 2.Bathroom disinfectant

Alcohol can be used as a disinfectant in bathroom to remove stain & germs from washbasins & toilet seats etc.

3.Shoe shiner

To make your shoes shine like new ones, u can rub a little amount of undiluted alcohol on shoes surface then apply polish on it.

4. Deodoriser

rubbing alcohol

You can take rubbing alcohol as a deodoriser of shoes. Take the spray bottle and put some alcohol in it. Now spray it onside the shoe and let it to dry overnight. The odour will be gone.

5. Collar preventer

Wipe your neck with rubbing alcohol in the morning while dressing up. It will prevent your collar to get dirty by the neck stains.

6. Glass shiner

 rubbing alcohol

Rubbing of alcohol on glass can make it clean and shine in winters when frost is stuck on it. Take half cup of  alcohol to approximately one litre of water and wash the window with it.

7.Fruit flies repellent

You can get rid of the fruit flies by spraying a little amount of rubbing alcohol on the place where fruits are stored. The flies will fall down immediately and you can sweep them out.

8.Ink remover

rubbing alcohol

To remove the ink spots from your clothes, soak the affected area of cloth in rubbing alcohol before washing it with detergent. The ink will be vanished easily.

9.Permanent marker remover

Rubbing alcohol is also a good permanent marker remover from hard surfaces like plastic or glass. It dissolves the marker to its liquid state which can be easily wiped out.

10.Nail polish remover

rubbing alcohol

To remove nail polish, rubbing alcohol can be helpful if u don’t have a nail polish remover. Just apply a little bit of alcohol and your old & scratched nail polish will be removed within seconds.

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