Top 12 Home Remedies for Denture Pain

By | September 15, 2016

Denture Pain is a very common problem for the people of the age above 25. There are many reasons like bacteria present in your mouth, low quality dentures or  poor oral hygiene that causes denture pain. You may feel discomfort because of loosely fit dentures. Various problems arises such as pain, red sores, teeth or swelling in the gums due to denture pain. If you are suffering from the problem of denture pain then, it is recommended that before taking an advice from the doctor, try out some of the home remedies for denture pain. Here, we have list out major home remedies for denture pain.

Top 12 Home Remedies for Denture Pain

Top 12 Home Remedies for Denture Pain:

1. Using Oils :


How to use these oils? You need to mix one of the oil with the water combining them in the same proportion and then rinse your mouth with that mixture. Several oils such as sunflower oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, sesame oil can be used. Another method to prevent from toothache is that directly apply oil to a cotton swab. Clove oil helps to fight with the infection if there is any.

2. Warm Salt Water :

 Warm Salt Water

You need to mix half spoon common salt in a  glass of hot water and rinse it thoroughly , apply this activity for 3-4 times. By using salt along with hot water or water having normal body temperature helps to reduce the aching sensation.

3. Use Turmeric :


Turmeric is as one of the useful home remedies for denture pain treatment. Basically, it is considered as a hub because it possesses natural herbal and antiseptic properties. You can easily prepare this remedy at home by mixing single teaspoon of turmeric with purified water. Use this paste in your mouth by applying on a cotton scrub.

4. Onion :


Onion contains anti- bacterial properties that help to fight with germs. It plays a major role in preventing denture problems. Onion contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 which is good to be taken in daily diet. You need to chew the onion for at least three minutes to kill bacteria .

5. Soothing with Peppermint tea:


 Take a single cup of boiling water and add one spoon of dried peppermint to it. Steep it for at least 15 min. When the tea cools, rinse it into your mouth and then spit it out. Repeat this procedure for 4 times.

 6. Garlic as a remedy :


Mash some garlic with the salt and then apply it inside the cheeks. In order to gain strong denture, one clove of garlic can be chewed daily. Garlic contains antibiotic and medicinal properties. It cures denture pain.

7. Ice it:


Wrap thin clothes by placing small ice cube in it and then use this cloth to the aching tooth for about 10-15 minutes so as to numb your nerves. Ice massage act as an anaesthetic agent. You can directly place ice cubes in your mouth to avoid affected area from pain.

8. Potato :


Pick up a small potato and then take a slice and bite on it. Until potato doesn’t dry try to remain it there? Repeatedly, use this procedure until toothache is not well- controlled. Potato helps in reducing the swelling from the abscess.

 9. Ginger:


Wash the ginger properly under the cool running water and then let it dry by using clean paper towel. Now, take a ginger and cut it into small pieces and then remove its outer layer with the help of knife. Slowly bite down the ginger to that part of the tooth that actually hurts. Continue chewing the ginger for at least 5 minutes then afterwards split out the pulp and intake the juice of ginger. Ginger helps you to calm down the pain that is linked with the denture pain.

 10. Baking Soda:

baking soda

Take a half cup of filled water, add baking soda to it. Pinch of salt can be added to this if necessary. Intake this mixture around the painful area. Are you on a sodium restricted diet? You must rinse your mouth properly after using it. Ingredients of baking soda usually contain high level of sodium salt.

11. Alcohol :


You can directly intake whisky or brandy, rinse it in your mouth well and then spit it out. If in case you will not spit out then you may add other problem to you that is hangover. If liquor can be held in a mouth for long time then it may also kill all the bacteria. But along with the painkillers if alcohol is taken then it might cause you some harmful effects. Best liquor is Chicago which is used very commonly.

12. Lime :


Use lime directly in your mouth. Lime contains Vitamin C which is very essential to our body. By applying lime you can also cure loose tooth or caries. If you use unpeeled lime, that will be more effective to your denture. Vitamin C which is present in lime helps in decaying of teeth.

Conclusion: It will be quite foolishness if you take the help of the doctor or some kind of dentist directly without using any home remedy. You not need to set an appointment with the doctor once you used one of the above remedies to cure yourself from denture pain.

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