8 Home Remedies for Loose Motion

By | February 7, 2017

Loose motion is also known as diarrhea in which frequent passage of loose stool occurs. Body looses water during diarrhea which causes dehydration. It is a common problem that may occur in the person of any age group. A lot of remedies for loose motion are available which works effectively.

Viral and bacterial infections are basically responsible for the cause of loose motions.  There are many reasons which are listed here:-

  • Allergy to certain food
  • Over eating
  • Mal nutrition
  • Infection by parasites
  • Alcohol abuse

Symptoms of loose motions can be seen as vomiting, fever, weight loss, weakness or blood in the stool. Loose motion leads to many other diseases automatically which could be dangerous for health. Proper medication is essential if the situation go worse. You can treat them with the help of home remedies for loose motion at its initial stage. Some of them are mentioned below which may help you to get rid of this problem.

Home Remedies for Loose Motion

Home Remedies for Loose Motion are:-

  • Bananas

remedies for loose motion

Banana is one of the effective remedies for loose motion. It contains water soluble fibres which absorb fluids of intestine. Potassium of banana helps to fulfil the need of electrolytes that may be lost by diarrhea. Take a banana and mix it with yogurt. Eat this smooth mixture 3 times a day for better results.

  • Apple cider vinegar

remedies for loose motion

This vinegar has antibiotic properties which are very helpful for the treatment of loose motion. Mix 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water. Drink it twice a day until the condition becomes normal.

  • Oral rehydration salt

remedies for loose motion

WHO has approved ORS among the effective home remedies for loose motion. Take 2 teaspoons of salt and sugar and add in 1 litre of boiled water. Sipping this solution for whole day can definitely provide you relief from diahrrea.

  • Cinnamon

remedies for loose motion

Cinnamon has antiviral and antibacterial properties which act as remedies for loose motion. Combine 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with half teaspoon of grated ginger and boil it for half hour. Drink this mixture thrice a day to get desired results.

  • Ginger

remedies for loose motion

Indigestion may also cause loose motions which future results to dehydration of body. In this case, ginger acts as helpful remedy for loose motions. Mix ginger, rock salt and jaggery in equal portions. Eating a spoon full of this mixture every day will surely provide you relief from loose motion.

  • Chamomile

remedies for loose motion

The antispasmodic properties of chamomile help the digestive system to work properly. Add a teaspoon of dried chamomile and peppermint leaves in boiling water. Strain the solid waste and drink the tea. Using this tea 3 times a day will surely provide the desired results.

  • Pomegranate

remedies for loose motion

Pomegranate is also included in the list of home remedies for loose motion. It prevents the body from harmful bacteria and virus which are responsible for diahrrea. Drink at least 2 glasses of pomegranate juice in a day. It will definitely treat loose motion in effective manner.

  • Drumstick leaves

remedies for loose motion

Leaves of drumsticks have antioxidant properties to heal loose motions. Extract the juice of drumstick leaves and mix it with honey. Consume this mixture 3 times a day. It is a highly effective herb for treating loose motion.

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