10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

By | September 30, 2016

Pelvic Inflammatory disease is a kind of disease which causes pain to reproductive organ of female. Bacteria is the basic reason for this disease. It enters inside vagina and Fallopian tubes. Several symptoms of this disease are back pain, bleeding and severe loss of appetite. You might be thinking of solution to this disease. So, in order to get cure from this problem you can try out some of the home remedies for pelvic inflammatory disease. Home remedies for pelvic inflammatory disease helps to cure with infection problem. Here, we have listed out some of the effective home remedies for pelvic inflammatory disease.

10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

 1. Garlic :

10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Garlic contains antibiotic and antibacterial properties. It helps in the treatment of various bacteria problems.

How to Prepare:-

  • Take 3-4 spoons of olive oil.
  • Fry garlic cloves.
  • Pour the oil and allow it for cooling.
  • Take cotton and soak it into the oil.
  • Use this cotton in vagina for few hours.
  • For better results, apply this remedy daily.

2. Turmeric:

 10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Turmeric helps your body in fighting with infection.

How to Prepare:-

  • Take one spoon of turmeric and one glass of milk.
  • Boil this mixture thoroughly.
  • Drink mixture in a day.

3. Pelvic Massage :

Massage helps in tightening muscles of your body. You can easily massage your reproductive organ with the help of olive oil.

4. Sitz Bath :

10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

By doing sitz bath, it will help to reduce the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

 How to Prepare:-

  • Take two tubs containing warm water and cold water.
  • Add lavender oil to it.
  • Settle down your  lower body parts in warm water for 2 minutes
  • Then, in cold water for 1 minute.
  • Enjoy bath few times in a week.

5. Probiotic Yogurt :


It is a powerful remedy that helps in fighting against bacterial infection. It maintains pH balance of your reproductive system.

 How to Prepare:-

  • Take one cup of probiotic yogurt and apply it on your vagina.
  • Now, rinse off your vagina with cold water.
  • Use this remedy three times in a day.

6. Tea Tree Oil:

10 Home Remedies for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Tea tree oil contains some amount of antimicrobial properties. Antimicrobial properties help in fighting with the infections.

How to Apply:

  • Take few drops of tea tree oil.
  • Mix it in bowl containing warm water.
  • Apply it on your vagina.

7. Echinacea :

Echinacea helps in promoting fast recovery of pelvin inflammatory disease. You can drink daily one or two cup of Echinacea tea for the recovery of this disease.

8. Castor Oil :

Ingredients of castor oil are ricinoleic acid that contains anti-inflammatory properties. You can use castor oil for massaging abdominal part of your body.

9. Eat Food rich in Beta- Carotene :

Eat foods like mangoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots in your diet as it helps in gaining cervical cells.

10. Baking Soda :

baking soda

Baking Soda helps in reducing the alkalinity from your body. It maintains pH level of your body. You can directly drink baking soda by mixing it in warm water. This will help in reducing pain for pelvic inflammatory disease.

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